How do you multiply saffron bulbs? – Saffron Flower In Kashmir

To achieve the highest efficiency, use saffron oil, which is highly concentrated and non-toxic to birds and mammals.

If this is your first time learning about saffron bulbs, I would really recommend watching this video, especially if you don’t know how to use them.

I also would recommend the following pages over at the website of The International Centre for Saffron Research by Jeanette Ojeda. This is a really easy and free site for home saffron bulb information.

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Saffron Tips and Tricks

When using saffron, it is important to remember that some leaves of saffron contain essential oils that will reduce the potency of your bulb. Using an appropriate saffron oil can help reduce the potency and/or odor of your saffron bulbs. Saffron oil will help to reduce the odor and decrease the potency of your saffron bulbs.

If you find saffron oil too expensive, you can also try substituting a substitute oil. The following links will show you which essential oils can be substituted for saffron oil in saffron bulbs.

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What type of saffron bulbs should I use?

The only type of saffron bulb that will work is the small saffron bulbs for incense and for the traditional incense lamp. If you are using these types of bulbs, please note that the incense lamps will burn until they are extinguished. They will not last the day.

If you are using your incense lamps (such as for a traditional incense burning ritual) you want to use the saffron bulbs that burn for a minimum of 15 days before they will begin to burn too hot.

There are many different types of saffron bulbs.

You can purchase an incense bulb, or even get one made locally by someone who has been around the saffron business for a long time. The following list of links should give you a good starting list of popular brands that we offer.

If you need more information about saffron bulbs, check our Saffron page.

If you need help buying or creating your own saffron, check out our Tips for Buying or Making Your Own Saffron page.

You can find information for saffron bulbs on our

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How do you multiply saffron bulbs? – Saffron Flower In Kashmir
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