How do I start a saffron farm? – Growing Saffron Crocus Indoors

We are in India and the easiest way is to contact us and ask. We like to grow the saffron ourselves and can’t get enough to sell.

Please contact us at or call +91 2260260066 or +91 2260260085.

What is our turnover from saffron?

We operate at around Rs 25-25 Lakh per month. All sales are in the local currency. The saffron used to be bought from the local market and sold into the national currency. Now we are importing the saffron, which is usually a lot more expensive.

Do you sell my saffron?

We have a good reputation in India and all my customers are happy to know that we’re in the business. I have also heard good things from some of my customers from the US. In India, we have our own sales team to work with and are happy to answer all questions. A good part of our sales comes from people that are interested in making their own saffron and know nothing about us.

Why do you make your saffron abroad?

We don’t buy saffron from India. But since there’s so much saffron in such a small place, the risk of infection is quite high. I have to have my saffron at least 2-3 months before selling it internationally. For the first time, since 2008 I have to deal with a major pest problem.

How long will my saffron stay good?

A saffron will keep its freshness for a full 4-5 months. I don’t keep it longer than 2 months but only when its really needed.

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How do I start a saffron farm? – Growing Saffron Crocus Indoors
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