How can you tell real saffron? – Saffron Spice Growing Season

What’s this “beads” smell?

Why so yellow or pink with a white center?

How does it feel on your tongue?

Saying “good bye” to the saffron.

What kinds of saffron can you sell?

Saffron is the fruit of several distinct species and is grown mainly as a garnish or garnish (flowers, leaves, seeds etc) for soups, stews, and similar dishes.

Saffron’s medicinal value is thought to be due to its antiseptic or antibacterial effects. Some people say that saffron may have anti-diarrhea properties. Although this is not a proven claim, saffron has also been suggested as a treatment for ulcers and rheumatoid arthritis. Another use of saffron, is as a food and culinary spice.

“The ancient Egyptians used saffron to make a mixture from the flowers of the saffron variety for medicinal purposes. …The Romans gave saffron (from the Indian plant known as Saffron Aroma) to the Byzantines as payment for the defeat of the Greeks at the Battle of Manzikert.

Saffron was also given to the Crusaders as a present, on condition that they use saffron for their own purposes.” – Michael D. O.

Saffron was used by the Byzantines during the Crusades as an antidote, and, in the Middle Ages it was regarded as a medicinal herb. Some recipes call for adding saffron to wine, water, or other beverages. “Saffron is said to provide the body of a physician the benefits of the medicine the doctor used. It is good to a physician as it relieves many a disease.” – John Drury

“Since the early Middle Ages the Romans were the masters of saffron, and they used saffron, and others, and even the Arabs and Europeans as medicines. Their main ingredients are senna, citronella, the citric acid of Sibir-cane and a number of others. They put these to use in remedies. Senna and some of the other plants were dried and used as perfumes in perfumeries to attract people.

…Saffron is used to give a feeling or to enhance one’s senses and also when it is eaten, it is used to soothe fever, to stop the bleeding

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How can you tell real saffron? – Saffron Spice Growing Season
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