Does turmeric taste like saffron? – How To Store Saffron Bulbs


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For a lot of users of the iPhone and iPad, Apple’s stock is a convenient way to buy, sell and trade. But you’re more likely to find a glitch with the stock ticker system when you buy something from the iPhone maker than you are when you have a problem with another company’s stock trading system.

A problem with Apple’s marketplaces is particularly common when a lot of stock trades involve one company.

When a company sells stock across the company’s various stock platforms, the company uses its online platform to make and display that investment. So you might see, for example, a $99 iPhone 6S on the company’s website, or an $18 MacBook Pro on its website, and at the top of its screen, “The Apple Stock Market,” or AOSPM. Sometimes the stock’s price is displayed, too.

What you see on the AOSPM will depend on the platform. At Apple, it will say “The Apple Stock Market” on top; elsewhere it might say “Prestige.” In the MacBook Pro, it will say “MacBook Stock.”

When a stock transaction occurs, Apple’s stock ticker displays the most recent trading price. So if you look up your $99 iPhone at a specific trading date and then purchase stock that day, the stock ticker will still show that $99 iPhone price, and the price of that stock will be shown on other exchange platforms as well.

As a reminder, all Apple stock exchanges have the same ticker used around the world. The ticker used for AOSPM is “APPLY.”

You can’t find a better deal out there than that. You get to watch your favorite movies on the big screen every evening with the best popcorn and chips they can throw at you. But if you’ve got the kind of money that allows a 3-day weekend just for theater tickets, the same special deals on movie tickets don’t exist.

If you’re a regular consumer of movies, you’ve probably seen a lot of these special “ticket specials” over the last few years and wondered if they really exist. Or maybe you wonder how you’d ever survive a Friday night like tonight, that time your kid gets so hooked on playing the movie his friends are all getting in line.

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Does turmeric taste like saffron? – How To Store Saffron Bulbs
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