Does saffron raise blood pressure? – Growing Saffron In A Greenhouse

“There are studies showing that saffron is an anti-hypertensive agent,” says Dr. Mark Wolin, associate professor of ophthalmology at the University of California, San Francisco, an expert on saffron. “It probably reduces the amount of blood in your veins.”

But if saffron does have anti-hypertensive properties, why are some people bothered by its effect in such an unusual skin tonic?

Rabbi Mark Leib Eliyahu, the chief rabbi of the largest Israeli rabbinical institute, the Reform movement’s Yeshiva College, has declared a “halachic crisis in the American Jewish community,” and warned that “Jewish children will not survive a second Holocaust.”

He said that the community’s response should not be just to ignore the threats, but instead “resolutely and resolutely to oppose them. But we have to be strong – you know, I have five children, there are some people who want to kill me. And, yes, this is something I’m not happy about.”

The comments, which were excerpted (with translation) in a new online newspaper called Rabbinish, and which he claims are “without political malice or malice of any kind,” were issued in a speech given by Eliyahu to students of his Yeshiva by invitation.

Among the questions Eliyahu asked students gathered for his speech is whether they should accept the invitation to a meeting of the Israel Defense Advisory Board in November and discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and possible diplomatic solutions with the Obama Administration.

Rabbi Mark Leib Eliyahu

“I will tell you a very straightforward answer. We have to tell the Israeli-Palestinian conflict not to resolve from now until I’m 40, until the state is built. Or else,” he said, adding that his children will lose their life in a “second Holocaust.”

“So this is something I’m very concerned about, that if we continue the process for another ten decades like now, it will lead for the generation to which I belong even to more tragedy in the future,” he said. The current Israeli government, he said, is creating a “very dangerous and dangerous situation.” When asked who he thought the current government is best aligned with the Jewish people, he suggested that it was not “Jewish as in one generation but Jewish as in the entire history of mankind.”

Eliyahu is not without a reason to fear for the future.

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Does saffron raise blood pressure? – Growing Saffron In A Greenhouse
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