Does saffron go bad? – Saffron Planting Season

Can saffron be destroyed? If you can do this, what’s next? All you have to do is remove from your kitchen the little bottle you find on kitchen shelf. When you find it remove any remaining powder from the inside. Once we know that we get the right product for the price and the quality we can sell it.

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Cory Bernardi is the latest person to publicly accuse the Federal Court of Australia of ‘abuse of process’, and he wants the whole issue resolved.

The former member for Wentworth and Cronulla for four years lost his seat this week, after being cleared of a serious crime by the Queensland Anti-corruption Commission.

Bernardi has written to the Federal Court of Australia, asking the court to set aside the conviction, and to set a date for a return hearing.

His letter said, “The allegations against Cory Bernardi raise a number of serious allegations.

”The Federal Court of Australia as an institution has consistently exhibited significant and egregious bias against Mr Bernardi”.

The former member also claims that while he was cleared of the charges, the judges also ignored an earlier hearing in which his accuser said he had no connection to the case, had an “overwhelming conviction” that he was innocent and “favours a more liberal interpretation of s 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act”.

He has also claimed that he was denied access to the court’s internal documents.

The Federal Court agreed in August 2015 that Mr Bernardi’s conviction for assault was invalid, and ordered him to pay $1 million in costs.

Cory Bernardi has previously referred to his conviction being illegal and “sloppy”.

“The Federal Court of Australia has treated me the way I expect the Federal Court to treat those who are wrongfully convicted. They have taken my freedom and put me through the trauma of having to make sure I’m innocent,” Mr Bernardi is quoted as saying.

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Does saffron go bad? – Saffron Planting Season
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