Does saffron go bad? – Saffron Planting Density

Yes, saffron can go bad. This is because it contains sulphur, which is a toxic gas. It is a common ingredient in saffron wine.

We do not have the equipment to make and test saffron wine. We recommend to buy saffron flowers from a trustworthy supplier such as Royal Saffron or which has extensive information about saffron in detail. They are also in the UK.

The best and safest way to store saffron for long term is in the fridge


We recommend to keep saffron in a clean and dry room. The best way to store saffron is in the fridge.

In general it is much easier to keep saffron in the fridge for a long time by using the following method:

After it has been refrigerated, cut the red and white flowers in half.

Put one half with the stems on a piece of paper or cling paper.

Strain saffron flowers through a strainer.

This can then be put directly into the fridge or be used as an alternative to the strainer method. To be completely safe, it is important to keep saffron in the fridge for at least 7 days before using it again.

It is also important not to put it in the fridge without first being placed on a paper or cloth piece and then covered with water.

When saffron has been stored in the fridge it is more likely to go bad than in a regular room. This is because there is so much humidity, which affects the quality of the flowers.

Use a good saffron paper to dry the flowers

There is also a very strong smell inside of the saffron flower and this can attract mice. This is why it is important to keep the saffron flowers dry. We recommend using a good saffron paper when storing flowers.

We recommend to use the following method:

Take the saffron flowers and lay them in a single layer on a clean piece of paper.

Wipe them with a paper towel several times and dry them well.

You may find that the stems will get sticky again but keep them for at least 28 days.

We do not recommend to use any kind of paper which has stains in it or has a stain like that on it. If not, cut the saffron flowers

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Does saffron go bad? – Saffron Planting Density
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