Month: October 2020

Which country grows the most saffron? – Growing Saffron Crocus Indoors

Which is the most popular spice in India? Here, you’ll learn the answers, according to the latest data from the Global Food Security Project. As per the latest annual Global Food Security Survey, India is the third-largest consumer of saffron, followed by Turkey and China. According to the survey, there are nearly 30 million saffron […]

What is the most expensive food in the world? – Saffron Plant Growing Time

Well, obviously, it depends on where in the world you’re talking about. A study that was conducted in 2008 said that the most expensive food worldwide was $11,000 (£7,780) According to another report published the same year, the most expensive food was $8,240 (£7,280) Anime and Manga Online: We’ll be bringing you the latest news […]

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