What is the best way to learn to draw? – Beginners Art Lessons

To know in what ways is easy to understand, which is the most useful for the artist; but as many artists go deeper, it becomes more arduous to grasp their ways.

Is it true that in traditional schools of painting you cannot draw by thinking about it?

No, in painting the artist is the only one who can teach you what is best, but he does it without drawing. The school teaches you how to draw a sketch, but it does not teach you how to work with paint.

When I was in art school I learned to paint with a brush and a crayon. You must learn to think in a more abstract way than with a pencil.

In classical painting, which of the two styles—traditional and the new—says you are more influenced by?

Totally traditional.

And why?

It seems that a great artist draws his art out of life. There seems to be a sense of history in them. And what’s more, they have such emotional connections with the real world. I am not sure which one I prefer, because they do so many things differently.

Why do you think so many artists do not draw and paint as traditionalists?

Because of lack of desire, which is the opposite of wanting to get better. When you are a beginner you can’t be forced to draw so far, because at that point you have everything.

That’s not an ideal life style, of course.

If you get bored with it right away you’re lost! In traditional painting you have to work very hard, but in the world of sculpture you get by on working slowly; everything is done. But in sculpture you need something to be drawn and paint with!

Do you think a new approach will come along in the near future to make traditional art popular again?

I wouldn’t say I foresee it. The world is changing so fast there are lots of people who never think to stop drawing.

I do think, however, that traditional art will eventually resurface.

Who are traditional art’s most important figures?

I am not sure. I like the painting of René Magritte but I think his idea of the self and his sense of the subject are not present in traditional painting.

Would you say that there is a conflict between traditionalist artists and modernist?

In some ways this might be the case. Modernists do not follow tradition

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What is the best way to learn to draw? – Beginners Art Lessons
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