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“A self taught artist is one who has an innate insight that no one else can see. You may not understand why your own art or creativity is so great.” – Robert Smith III

Robert Smith is a highly sought after designer and artist in the fashion industry who is also a self taught artist with a gift of creating amazing, original, and unique costumes for Hollywood films, TV shows, and video games. During his career he has been featured in television shows such as ‘LIFE’, ‘TNT’ and ‘The Amazing Race’. He has also created a full array of custom clothing for clients that have included companies such as Levi’s, Kmart and Home Depot and has been on many cover days throughout the world. After graduating High School he received a BBA in Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati. After working at two different investment firms he decided to pursue a career in design. He was offered a position with the renowned design house, Michael Kors and decided to take the chance on a small project with them. He ended up designing and completing one of their signature pieces, the Dungrove suit. He went on to produce over 100 pieces of this unique clothing line. His designs have become a source to the industry and the world around him and his clothing line, L.O.R.D, has garnered him an international cult following throughout the industry both as an artist and an individual. Since moving on from Michael Kors, Mr. Smith has also created the ‘TNT’ clothing line where he creates and ships an array of garments that are designed by him from his designs and personal ideas. Most notably is the ‘TNT’ jacket that he created with his friends. This custom made, custom made jacket, features the ‘TNT’ name on the sleeves of the jacket and is completely bespoke. The jacket itself is made in the United States of America and is made to order in our Los Angeles studio. The jacket was inspired by the unique, eclectic look and feel that L.O.R.D wears so carefully. ‘TNT’ T-Shirt: Available Now!

Sizing Information For ‘TNT’ Suit:

XL – Sizing Information:

– Length: 5’10”

– Sleeve: 4.5″

– Chest: 29″

– Waist: 31″

– Shoulder to Underarm: 5″

– Shoulder to High Back: 5.25″
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– Should

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What is a self taught artist called? – Online Art Lessons For Middle School
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