What are the different types of painting? – Mark Kistler’s Online Art Lessons

This question doesn’t really have a concrete answer. Most of them are self-illustrated on pieces of paper, which can be hard on your eyes if you’re working on a lot of it, and therefore, there’s a lot of pressure from the artist on you. However, for me, as a visual learner, there are some basic guidelines that help me not only get my ideas out of my head but also to be as efficient at the process.

1. Make sure it is good. A lot of painters who do well with this kind of practice find that they really find it easier when they’re learning a new thing. They’ve got their own specific way of working, they’re doing this in this way in a certain way. That’s fine by me, but some people like to start out with something simple. I’ve done a lot of black and white painting and I’m not into any color-bending. I’ve never painted with acrylics before but I like to see my brushes go through the paper and I like to see how the paper reacts to my brush strokes and that’s what I mean by “good”.

2. You have to learn to see how things look. In fact most of the time I do a series of paintings because I want to make sure I see what I’m doing for the most part. This is easier if you learn what other people really do to look at other things. A good way would be to go to art school, then to go out to a gallery or museum, then go back to your own work. This is not as hard as it sounds and it gives you the ability to do something new.

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3. Learn to identify the brush strokes, the line work, the composition. This is also the art school thing. If you can do it in a gallery or museum, it’s OK to continue practicing this way until you’ve accomplished that. You might be at a point where you’re just painting a bunch of things that you want to get to a point where you’re looking at the artist’s brush strokes and they’re all so similar. Take a break. You’ll be right back where you started.

This technique is one reason why I like to make my own paintings: to develop that toolbox and to start learning from my own observations of the paintings of others. This might be a reason why so many people get frustrated trying to practice this kind of process. At first you have all these new techniques. You try

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What are the different types of painting? – Mark Kistler’s Online Art Lessons
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