Is udemy drawing course good?

A: Yes, for both adults and children. It’s one of the best course at an art school.

Q: Which of your characters inspired you to draw?

A: Riko is an adult. I was inspired by the characters in a manga I had read when I was younger. As I have a manga fetish I wrote Riko as an adult. It was something I had to do.

Q: Are you planning to continue drawing?

A: Yes, I think this could be my last commission. It has become too hard to draw and it would not be worth the trouble if it is not done.

Q: Are you thinking of becoming like Takashi Kanemura or Shiro Amano?

A: Yes, I love to draw children. I like to draw them so much that when I look at their drawings in pictures on my phone or computers I get inspired. I believe there exists something called the art of drawing for children that was forgotten. I want to draw it.

Q: What does it mean to be a manga artist?

A: To be a manga artist means to be able to draw manga of a different type, a manga with a unique style. I want to draw manga of adults, but I still have to draw manga like children would draw.

Q: What is the style that makes you think you can do this?

A: First, I have to draw something that doesn’t bother me while drawing a manga of children.

Q: What did you think of Shiro Amano’s work as you started drawing?

A: I really liked how he drew a human, and the way he drew children felt comfortable. I felt that people with the same kind of interest can draw comics.

Q: In your opinion, is there a manga style that makes you think of yourself?

A: What I like is that when I draw a manga style I can draw it with the help of a tool. Even I can draw it, I need to be able to read it somehow. That’s a special manga style I like. I also like the manga that have a clear image and are simple to read. It will become my style when I draw those.

Source: Newsen via Nate

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Is udemy drawing course good?
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