Is udemy drawing course good? – Online Summer Art Classes For High School Students

Yes and no. First of all I learned a lot because the class is well explained so you can easily grasp it. The course was also very organized and very well organized. Even if I did not finish all the lessons I will have a good understanding on a lot of things, since a lot of the material is related to the real life. So I will be able to draw pretty good later in life, that is what I really want to look for. But the main reason this course is good is because you can’t buy it anywhere. I don’t think there is any other similar course in Russia like this. Because you can’t just go to a drawing class anywhere, you need special permission for it to be taught to you. So you need to buy the course and the school has everything you need. So if you are ready to really start drawing you don’t have to wait too long, it’s available to you!

What will you do after udemy?

After udemy I’m planning to go to university to study graphic arts and drawing. I know a lot more than I thought. I will be ready later to start drawing at the age in late teens. I don’t know if I can even get ready for that though, but it’s a possibility.

Tell us which udemy course you liked the most?

Yes I like to draw and I like udemy well. I was planning to start at udemy, but now I’m a bit impatient and will take my time to get ready. I would like to learn how to make my own illustrations. So I am going to try it first when I have a proper training.

What are you studying in school?

I study graphic design and graphic art. And I’m looking forward to becoming a professional artist. Of course there are classes around anatomy, color theory and more, but not in the same depth as what I need to become a professional artist. To become one I need to do a lot of drawing, and draw with a lot of detail and detail is the key thing in drawing and I am really looking forward to go to art school to learn how to do that. Also I hope I will be able to get a job by doing a drawing course.

Thank you Vanya! See some of your work:

And thank Vlad for taking the time to answer some questions about his course.

More of Vlad’s work – here and here.


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Is udemy drawing course good? – Online Summer Art Classes For High School Students
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