Is udemy drawing course good? – Online Art Lessons Ks1

Well its pretty good i’d say. but, i have to admit when i went over the first session it was way more difficult than the following sessions. i feel the second session has increased the challenge. (for some reason)

What was the first lesson that helped udemy and made udemy a fan?

that was my class which was really helpful to me in my last year of university. at the end of the course it was about half finished, and it was getting very cold so i had left all the computers on! then, i remember we were doing something, and a little guy in a suit walked by and started talking to us! hes a guy named Dave who had become a teacher after I left the course, and he was teaching it to me. and before i knew it, he had gotten a really good quote from me. the first session was basically Dave saying “if you can keep up with this you will get there. and i said okay” and hes said it like twice, and then he asked me “can you teach this?” and i said, “I think i can”. and he said “Well you can work on this over the weekend and then we can get over to your class and give you a demonstration on how to learn!” and i said “i am on my way!!” (I was on my way anyway!). and the second lesson was actually when i had gone to another school for a different subject which was a much harder section of the subject. The second session was very bad. Dave told a very different story, and the class laughed uproariously at his story. the third lesson was actually when i had just told my story at the start of the semester and they laughed as hard as i did. Dave told a completely different story, to which the students all stood up and clapped, and i thought i knew what was coming… and this time i got it right again. i finished the class a year-and-a-half later than he, but he still thinks i am awesome because he never had to teach me. I’m just really glad that he made me a fan of his! (and I’m still a fan!) I think for my first time I made a really good friend. This is what I will remember this semester: The next step is the hardest. That’s my take on things.

What were the most enjoyable lessons?

1st class – i was so excited to go to Dave’s house for my first

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Is udemy drawing course good? – Online Art Lessons Ks1
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