Is skillshare worth the money? – Thrive Art School

It is worth it, but only if you have multiple skills that have equal value

It is worth it if they are useful for the same purposes

Skillshare does not give you free services; it only allows you to rent time. You get paid for each hour you do work under it.

What do I do if my account gets suspended?

If your account is suspended by TechTarget, TechTarget will provide you with instructions on how to return your password (at no cost) and how to restore your services. At the end of the process you will receive a return email. We hope to resume normal operations in a couple of days.

What if my account was suspended because I was hacked?

You may cancel your accounts by contacting Support. Please include your password and email address so that we may investigate the possibility that hacking occurred with your account.

I have had to pay another fee to reinstate my account

We do not charge an extra $10 for reinstatement of a cancelled account. However, the new username must be an authentic domain name. TechTarget only reinstates your account if you have submitted all required login data. We do not require login information from those who have already paid for an account with us.

When will TechTarget send me my security deposit back?

If you are the victim of a credit or debit card theft you will receive $35 in your account balance after TechTarget’s payment processor takes possession, if applicable. If you are not the victim and have not experienced a debit or credit account theft, you will receive your security deposit back at that time.

Do I use my subscription to charge other devices?

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You can use the subscription for apps, websites or devices that you use for business purposes.

Do I still have to pay for TechTarget’s cloud services?

No. TechTarget’s cloud costs $10/month plus the cost of all the data you use on that subscription.

If I choose to have the TechTarget cloud on my laptop, do I still have to pay for bandwidth or CPU as well?

No. You can use the subscription on any of your devices that can receive a standard broadband connection. You can also use that subscription on servers of other providers. We will inform you of the fees for each service you select and charge accordingly.

Is there a way to have the subscription automatically renew? How do I cancel?

No. The subscription is always

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Is skillshare worth the money? – Thrive Art School
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