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Why do people give so much money to other people, and not to themselves?

You have been warned.

You should know that the time for action is still here. You have just seen the very foundation of the money-making machine.

If you are like me and have a deep understanding of the importance of skillshare, then you are well-advised to keep up-to-date with the news and make the most of your free time. With skillshare, if somebody gives you 1,000 skillshare points, you get a new “skill” every week for the first 2 weeks! That works out to about 50,000 skill shares in just a few days. But then a player on the community will take advantage of the time you have missed, and will give you 1,000 skillshare points too.

If you are new to the forum, I suggest you read the rules first. This is by far the most basic rule. After you read what you can see, you can see what you can’t. This may make it a little easier to grasp the mechanics of using skillshare (with that being an introduction).

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to understand the rules, but be sure to read them every time you have an account on the forum. Your best bet: use Google Drive or another Google account to read the rules. When you get frustrated, do things like read “What could someone in my town or even online in China do in case I’m stuck?” It will only help you get a handle on the rules.

Here are two links with helpful tips.

The forum is a lot more active than the website, so it is best to start there (see this thread). Here are some other threads that you can reference.

“What are some things I can do in China to help increase my skillshare in China?”

“How do I get my 1,000 skillshare points in China? How do I make my next 1,000 skillshare point?” or “Can I give myself a skillshare point every month to earn 100 skills?”

For information on how to find and use skillshare points, click here


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Is skillshare worth the money? – Fine Art Lessons Online Free
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