Is painting easier than drawing? – Online Art Lessons For Kids

If you work at it enough, you can draw like a pros!

A few of the reasons

1. When I’m trying something new, I’m not scared of the process of getting results

2. As long as I’ve been drawing professionally for a while, you see things differently

3. When I make mistakes, it’s not because I’m not practicing or thinking ahead

4. If something is too hard, I’ll try a new idea

5. Drawing is not really that tough, it’s just the process of developing a skill

6. When I’m trying something new I’m not afraid of my skills going out of whack

7. I don’t care if people hate it or love it

The U.S. Postal Service is set to announce changes to the mail delivery method it uses through its Internet-based service later this week, The Washington Post reported Friday.

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There has been a backlash to the Postal Service’s new delivery method. In July, the company proposed a plan to eliminate the $3-per-pack “opt-in” fee that makes it easier for mail customers—who pay a service fee, which is now equal to $0.50 on average for a package—to mail items

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Is painting easier than drawing? – Online Art Lessons For Kids
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