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Yes, it’s great for me and you! But the more time that I spend on this hobby (and the more time I have to work out) the lower will come my overall quality of life, and more stress and anxiety will be on my life. You will be a poorer artist than you would have been without painting a hobby to the maximum capacity.

If you enjoy creating great art, then painting a good hobby is what it’s all about. But if you are interested in painting the perfect hobby, which brings me to the best point…

What makes a painting perfect?

It should be simple, elegant, beautiful, unique and fun.

It should always be of high quality and always stay within budget.

It should remain a ‘true effort’ that requires a lot of work and the skill to do it well.

Some of the best examples I have seen include:

Stunning scenery such as this by a man named Brian R.

The top of this house by Brian R., who has worked on this for decades.

The first and the last in this painting by Jeffery R.

The second in this painting by Jeffery R.

Great work of this, by a man named Dave.

And my personal favourite

This is a painting by a great artist named Mark.

It is a great looking painting, and it stands out against many. This piece is in good shape and you can actually see the wood underneath the paint.

To me, this is the perfect example of what I like to call a ‘painting of the highest quality’.

It is clear from this piece that it has been done in the best possible way that it can be, with care and dedication.

Now, I would always recommend that you ask yourself the following question.

‘Would you do this for free?’

Well, I will be honest. The thought would always make a little prickling in my arm. Would you have a dream like this? To create something like this? But I would tell you that I love this thing! It has been a great learning and working experience for me. I can tell you for a fact it has made me feel much more confident being a painter. So, I would say it is definitely worth doing for absolutely free if you can. But if you are in a situation where you have no other option, then that’s up to you. If you are just looking

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Is painting a good hobby? – Online Art Lessons
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