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Or is it only a hobby?” asked one female passerby at the scene. “It can hurt your children if it starts to affect their health or they stop doing it and become depressed,” she added. “I think it is really sad. If the mother had not done it, I could have been really sad. It would be better not to do it and not to blame it on her for her kids being weak or stupid.”

Another witness added: “A mother should not think her children’s health is on the line over playing with paint. I am ashamed of me, because I don’t think it is right what I am doing.”

‘Hitting babies in their head’

The man in the video – who appears in a video-clip on the Guardian – explained that he was going around the city painting a wall near the city centre railway station. “I hit some babies in their head, which has a lot of negative effects on your baby,” he said. “You never want to hear about what is happening and you don’t want to do it. But it’s not your job to take the blame. I don’t want to take any sort of legal action and I don’t want the police to get involved, I want to find the person responsible for the deaths of my three babies.”

“We just had one baby who stopped breathing after seven hours. I felt like I was breaking the mother’s heart,” he added. “I feel like it is my job to teach my kids a lesson. I am just doing my job.”

He later added: “I never want to be a part of any kind of cruelty or cruelty to mothers. People think it is my job to make kids suffer, but it isn’t my job to do that. It is not my job to punish or punish an individual – it is their mother that is to blame. I am not against mothers going on holiday, I just feel I am against this man’s actions making her feel guilty.
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“I was in a tough situation because I was on holiday with her. She has three little girls and I could have told her not to go out when she was out that day and come home for a cup of tea. But I decided not to tell her and made my son play there. But, no, I thought I was doing my job. I wanted to teach a lesson. I’m sorry for my children, and I apologize.”

The man, who claims that he has been attacked

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Is painting a good hobby? – Online Art Lessons Painting
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