Is painting a good hobby? – Free Online Art Classes For Kids

It’ll all be over in a year, but this project was way more fun than I expected. It took time off of me, but I made a lot of new friends and I got a bunch of experience in how to do this work. I was nervous as hell going into this project as we were all new to all this, but I think it was a good learning experience. What you need:

a really big brush you can use for the best results (this could be a regular size paintbrush but I recommend using something a bit bigger than a paintbrush.)

a sturdy paintbrush that you can still paint with

a bit of patience (and sometimes a bit of luck.)

The steps:

1 : Start with a flat surface to do the first layer. You can use a straight surface but a sharp surface gives a nice clean result

: Begin painting all the circles using acrylic paint, I would recommend spraying these with the brush very strongly to prevent any damage to the paint

: After that painting the other circles using more acrylic paint as above, but to add some more subtle detail. This one, it’ll look nicer when you add the lines to the circle. You can use thinner coats here, or paint more layers.

: This time I used a large size (I didn’t have the time to make the 2nd small sized one, but here you can)

2 : Once you have completed the first painting, and after that you can go and finish in a darkroom!

Hope you enjoyed seeing it, and as you may notice in the pictures, sometimes there are gaps where I’m not painting all the circles at the same time which adds a bit of a cool effect.

You can choose how you want the lines to be painted, but you don’t need to, they should be in no way distracting for the viewer

The finishing process:

I made this project in two parts, first I started with the main painting steps (2-3 minutes or so)

Then I added the smaller circle paint jobs, and then the line work

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learn more about painting acrylic lines! If you do any of the painting techniques shown you may be interested in the following courses by us, which will be taught with a very high quality materials:

How to make beautiful line art in 10 mins flat by a Master and Student of Abstract Expressionism

Learn How to make beautiful

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Is painting a good hobby? – Free Online Art Classes For Kids
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