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Art, regardless of the subject matter, is not about the “work” part, but the “experience”. Many hobbyists paint in an attempt to capture an “imagery” of what they see as possible or have done, sometimes in order to learn a technique or better understand a paint or technique or just to learn how to paint. And they do not paint in order to create a piece; they paint in order to “experience” the same phenomenon (or perhaps even the same paint) as a professional painter.

As an aside, a hobbyist, like a professional, may also take pleasure in painting with “pure pigment”: pure or undecorated watercolors or acrylics, with no added varnish or paints in the wash-off. This is not a “pure” painting by any means, but in many cases it is the only one that works. (The “purer” the paint, the more vivid – and therefore more realistic – the painting, but there is always some trade-off. For instance, if a professional painter has added some watercolors to a piece of painted watercolour, then the painter may add additional watercolors on or around areas of the watercolour that are not to be inked.)
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One of the main reasons that people enjoy painting with acrylics is that, even after a couple of years, their paints retain their original pigment and do not lose color or pigment with time. One of the reasons that an acrylic may be more “perfect,” is the fact that the watercolor can be “painted” (painted on) again and again as the watercolor is exposed to the sun.

Sometimes people even take pleasure in doing the painting themselves. For instance, it may be fun to do the painting of your daughter’s art school picture book or to paint your friend’s portrait. Or you don’t want to paint for money, don’t have a painter, or don’t want to do it yourself. A hobbyist or professional will often do the painting for you. In some cases they may do most of the painting and let someone else do the work. They may even arrange for a person to paint a piece of a painting for you.

But a hobbyist’s motivation is not necessarily artistic, but practical: he is trying to get a piece of something that is valuable to him for a price. This means that a hobbyist should not be afraid about taking time off of work or even for life, just

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Is painting a good hobby? – Art Classes For Adults
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