Is it too late to learn to draw? – Drawing Coaching

Well, no. It could be that this is all about me — if you are too young to draw you must not have learned how to draw, if you are too old you cannot learn it.

Are you a genius?

Yes. I am also a master. To be a master means to have been taught to do the job by a master. For example, when I first met people we called them masters, today we call them geniuses. It is all a matter of learning how to draw by a master.

Do other people draw better than you do?


Then why do people ask you to draw for them (or they want to do it for you)?

It all depends on what sort of question you make. If they say, “I am curious if you will draw this line for me,” say yes.

Do not forget this point. If you are not curious, and instead say with a frown that you will draw this for me if I ask you, you will get no money. Do not ask a single question that you would not do for someone else. The art of drawing can be done in a short time and in a simple and clear way. Do not ask, “How do you draw?” Instead, ask how your painting is done. Draw the picture you want to have, do not be a slave to the picture you have drawn.

You can learn a large number of things. A person of genius is not a “person of no talent” because he knows all kinds of things. The great genius is a person of rare talent: he is gifted with great technical ability. He learns to draw, but only because that is all he has been taught to do.

If you want to understand a great artist, let him read. If your first desire is to know a master, then it is impossible to write what you want to know in his name. One must look for the real master, learn his style, and then look to see how other masters have accomplished it.

This is not to say you cannot write about the great master. If you are really an artist, then you have to put your genius into your work. In that way you can say your painting is “a painting” if it has been “painted,” or “a work of art” if it is not. If the artist is not there, then it is not a painting but “the painting.” You have to do the work

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Is it too late to learn to draw? – Drawing Coaching
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