Is it too late to learn to draw? – Artyfactory Portraits

I do the most important things in my life drawing, I study art and I’m drawing comics when I’m bored or I want to be more productive. Sometimes, a really great drawing will come to me and when that happens it really feels like magic. But for the most part I’ve only ever done something I really love and think I’m good at.

I really loved my first comics because I did some really great layouts. It really opened up my world like in cartoons. It got me out of my bubble to see what was really happening to people and it’s really cool because I know what I like and why I like it.

The thing is in drawing, you have to really think about your body and what you’re drawing. To be able to see in the actual physical world and to make some kind of connection to how an artist, like an illustration, would react, it’s really difficult.

Do you think that drawing is better than anything else?

Of course it is. It’s just a different skill that we have that’s completely different and if you just try to use that skillset to communicate in other aspects of life, there’s bound to be mistakes and you’re going to look bad, and if you’re in other industries it’s going to be even less.

For me specifically, drawing or drawing something that’s good for me, is the most important thing that I do. And if I’m bored or I don’t see something in the world that I like and I have some kind of idea it’s going to be better for me to just work on something else and do something else.

I don’t think what I’m doing’s “better” than anything. If anything, I feel like I’m working with the best of me.

I have this amazing artist friend. He works for Image. He has these great ideas about comics, but he can’t write or draw and he’s like, “Oh, I love comics but I suck at it.”

So I got out of him and I had been drawing. It’s weird and I’m like “Fuck! I can start drawing now!”

It was like, ‘Yeah, you can use my brain! You can use my brain! You can use me!'”

When did you start drawing for professional work?

It was around 2008 (when I stopped drawing the things that really inspired me like The X-Files and Batman). It was around that time I

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Is it too late to learn to draw? – Artyfactory Portraits
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