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Can a kid draw the letter p (for a pensive or serious person) instead of i (for a jovial person).

For example:

I have an 8 year old who is not that great at reading, so if she draws an “x” instead of a “o” (the next letter in the alphabet) I wouldn’t ask for an “i” or “ei.” She probably thinks she is an “xi.” It helps to know what she is thinking and how she is feeling.

You can probably come up with a lot more examples and then draw them on the computer and give them out to your kids and kids will probably figure them out after they have been watching your kid for a while.

But, that assumes you will have enough time and patience to figure out what they are looking for.

That depends a lot on you because you’ll just have to trust your child and know what they want.

I’ll have another kid who writes “ei” and “i” and a lot of kids will think they look like I do. There is a difference, though. So be careful.

The following video was originally posted to youtube where it earned over 4500 views. Check out the full video and read the comments on the original. It is really informative and shows you how hard a job it is to get your kid to be able to draw:

How to Teach your Kid to Draw | My Blog

Here is another very interesting video, this time on how you can get your kid to think about things differently, as shown by this girl:

How to Teach your Kid to Draw The “Right” Way | My Blog

Here is a great article from a very talented and well-trained artist from Europe called:

How to Teach Your Kids to Draw

The same article, written by John (which I can’t link to because I don’t want to put people to sleep), is also great because it will show you how you can teach your children to learn, and is also based on the idea that it is the child’s choice to learn.

I highly recommend you read him!

I have yet to meet and work with anyone who writes a book like this one, with so many tips and tips all over it, which is great because I personally don’t even use this one book anymore because it is too confusing.

When I was a junior high level artist in my early teens I

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Is drawing a talent or a skill? – Free Online Art Lessons Australia
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