Is art a talent or a skill? – Online Art Lessons High School

The two are linked in my mind. It is a natural expression of a unique talent that allows one to see the world through other characters eyes.

My art reflects my inner world…My emotions, experiences, and aspirations.

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My art is a reflection of who I am as a person…

My art is a mirror that shows the viewer something beautiful about themselves.

My art is a reflection of everything I have learned and experienced…

My art is a treasure trove of wisdom to share…

My art is a tool that facilitates inner peace & harmony…

My artwork is my personal expression of how I feel, feel what I feel, feel what I feel, feel how I feel .

I do not judge. My art expresses only my emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

I have experienced things and know what not to do in my artwork.

I have learned and used this art as an outlet and method to learn to communicate and express my emotions

I have made my artwork with a high level of skill.

My artwork has been passed on with my heart and soul since I first made it.

Thank you for your time and support today. I will try my best to answer any questions you have. I may have just made the wrong answer, but please respond in the comments or by email using the form below. Thank you for your support and comments.

In my opinion:

You are the best kind of artist I ever heard of.

I can’t wait to learn more, and continue to grow stronger as an Artist.

Let’s go!

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Is art a talent or a skill? – Online Art Lessons High School
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