Is art a talent or a skill? – Online Art Courses For High School Students

It depends on what you mean by that. Talent is an action. And skill is an association with a person. As in I was doing this yesterday and can I tell you that I am a good actor? Yes, that is a skill, but that is not an activity.

When you want to know what art actually is, you should realize that the whole art world is actually a product of human psychology – that is, the way our psyches interact with the world around us. It is all based on our brain’s response to stimuli. If we want to understand what art really is, we need to understand human psychology. And that is the subject we are going to study here today.

How does the brain determine what is a skill? First and foremost, it is determined by genetic inheritance – how the two copies of the gene for a physical skill work out in the end. Now, since these genes are hard-wired by nature, they will also have the greatest impact on one’s ability in one way or another – and the more common or successful they are the better they will be. For instance, if you look at the gene for the reaction time (RT) in the brain, it is one of the most common skills the most people can perform – in fact it is almost a prerequisite of being a lawyer or a doctor. And yet, people of this group tend to find very good careers in those fields. But not everybody is lucky.

There are very few people with the genes for the skills of the reaction time, so people with poor reaction times are much more prevalent. This is why we often refer to RT as the “sport” of the brain. But RT is not the only skill. It can also be the art of manipulating a pencil; a very useful skill in school, where a student will not get lost in the woods. Likewise, someone with a high tolerance for spicy food will be a great cook, and perhaps the greatest actor, musician or painter. And since people’s tolerance for some sensory stimuli may be very low, the person with a high tolerance even has a harder time performing these skills. Now, this is why it is imperative that those with the highest IQs are highly skilled when they start learning the skills. They have to learn those skills in order to get good at them.

Art is a skill of our mind and body – not a product of our genes. That’s what most people don’t understand about art.
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So when we say “art

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Is art a talent or a skill? – Online Art Courses For High School Students
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