How do you start off a painting? – Online Portrait Drawing Classes

When do you start? Where do you start? How do you finish off a painting? How is the process? What type of materials should I use to do the painting? How is the finished result? What type of materials do I use in the final process? What process or techniques are used to create the desired results?

My art background started when I saw some work done by a young woman that I got to know on the beach in Laguna Beach, California, and from there I started learning how to draw. I remember spending days at a time painting, just as a hobby. From a young age, I had wanted to paint landscapes and abstract works. I got started as a fan of the late painter David Hockney and a friend of his was one of my very first mentors, and I decided to pursue my passion. I have always wanted to make paintings using the latest in digital technology and I always wanted to pursue my art in an organic way, painting by myself, by the sea and using natural materials.

“In the beginning, I had only been painting at a certain scale, with brushes that came in a set of 5, and I would do it over and over. When I got the opportunity to come to work in Los Angeles as a painter, I tried to go on a journey on my own, and to learn that there’s so much more to painting than just painting one frame. I started creating paintings with a digital technique that would allow me to push those limits. That was so empowering as a self-taught artist to do my own thing.”

I decided to start painting from the start by creating a small project. I created a canvas for a friend of mine and he was interested so I went to him and asked him to print it for me—he gave me a lot of advice that he learned there and was able to make it work beautifully. Then I started to apply that method to bigger canvases by going on commissions for other artists. I still created tiny pieces, but I started doing massive canvases and that led me to creating a full-length show that I called The Art of Color.

I knew I wanted to do this project, and I wanted to create a book. I wanted to explore this very powerful form of art, how this medium can bring about so many different aspects of our life and even our thoughts. It is that very powerful.

What motivated you to take this on as a project for a non-profit organization?


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How do you start off a painting? – Online Portrait Drawing Classes
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