How do you start off a painting? – Kline Creative

“I usually pick out a big piece of paint and try to put a lot of different things in there. In a way, the painting is a kind of ritual. I’ve always done things the way that I want to, which I think helps me to be productive on the drawings.”

How did you feel when you found out you were in his gallery?

“It was something that I was a little nervous about, as I hadn’t wanted to say that I actually wanted to be in his show at all.”

As far as why you came to see the painting, what is your interpretation of the story behind the painting?

“I was surprised by the fact that it was taken from the same painting that I had been doing for years in a different way. It’s almost like we were making a history together, which I find beautiful.”

What is your opinion of the work that’s been made in your time and in the last few years by young artists?

“It’s becoming more available. Some of these artists seem to me to have done a very good job in making a new work each year or every year. The things that are being made today are of a very high quality, which is not something that I think exists.”

And what keeps you inspired each morning of the week?

“For me, being able to paint anything and having a lot of freedom of action, especially in a small place, it allows one to get inspired each morning: a sense of the world as is unfolding, something that’s never been possible before.”

With this painting, do you think it’s a story of the art world or a story of an artist?

“I think that it’s a story,” but in a much greater sense. It’s a story for us all, as artists, in the way that the world around us is changing. It’s not just an artists’ problem: all artists need to care for our community and all have the duty to do something to help in the way that nature has shown us that we could help; that something beautiful will come from something horrible. I guess it’s the job of the artist to create a space where people have the possibility that they don’t have at home, to be able to make a difference. It’s quite sad and tragic when a thing that is beautiful that could come from something horrible, ends up in that way because you’re not able to make the difference that nature has shown us.”

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How do you start off a painting? – Kline Creative
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