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If you want to be an artist, it comes down to practicing a lot of different things: how to draw, paint abstractions, painting with layers, colors. It is like learning how to swim and then learning how to climb a tree.

Welcome to the second edition of “Battling the New Year, Part 1,” a series with J.B. Smoove and Mike Petrenko looking at who might end up on the roster and what the Braves plan to do to combat this projected roster.
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The New York Mets are no strangers to contention, having made the playoffs the past two seasons without having seen a serious player miss time. They will attempt to do the same this winter, with a projected Opening Day roster of 33. The players on this season’s roster will look almost identical from last year as the Mets enter Spring Training.

To get some perspective on the Mets’ lineup, it is necessary to take a look back at last season with the Phillies, and some of the adjustments the team made in the offseason to improve their outfield. The Mets also made a bit of a trade to add Nick Williams this offseason. Williams will provide a great bat/first baseman/outfield option for the team that won’t cost much moving forward.

The Mets have a bit of trouble at the designated hitter spot. Daniel Murphy is set to miss most of this season with his strained right oblique, and while the Mets have no shortage of talented options at third base, there isn’t room for them to add much depth in that area this winter. That leaves them with a spot to add left-handed hitting prospects. This was one of the keys to the offseason for the Mets as the team looked to fill some holes on their roster. The Mets have added one left-handed hitter in the process of adding left-handed hitting prospects.

This brings us to the current Braves lineup. Last season, the Braves led all of baseball in offense with a 113 OPS+. The Braves added some help to their lineup during the offseason as they added Jeff Francoeur to a rotation they felt would help them win a World Series. However, the Braves offense will have a steep learning curve when it comes to the new team next season. There is always a learning curve on any roster at any point. With all the changes they made in the offseason, the Braves have to be concerned about some roster balance. As we continue to delve deeper

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How do you start a canvas painting? – Online Art Lessons For Middle School
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