How do you draw an online course? – Online Portrait Drawing Classes

If you’re looking for a course that meets your business needs, I have one for you. I’ve built and developed online courses designed for the web industry for over a decade.

The courses I offer focus on building and maintaining good content so you have access to the best information and insights. I also provide mentoring and help you make sure your course is ready for the digital age.

What can I expect from my class?

I always try to have as many options as possible so you’ve never been bored while learning. Each day of your course you’ll have 10-20 minutes where you can learn by yourself, but sometimes we’ll have a live lesson to encourage you to join in.

I’ll also go over some of the most popular resources, resources from other online courses and relevant resources from my own work and business. My focus is on learning, so I will try to include more content than just the required 10-20 minutes each day.

What if I need more?

If you’d like a more hands-on option, you can always ask for a private lesson via Skype. All of my videos have over 15 minutes of in-depth video advice, so you’ll be able to learn the very same information in a fraction of the time.

The online courses I deliver are all in your comfort zone, providing you the experience you need where you are today or that you’ll be able to take advantage of within the next few years.

I’m ready for the next round of questions

Do you have any final thoughts?

Well, now we’ve hit the end line we’d love if you could answer the questions I had.

Is this going to be a challenge?

Well, at most of the online courses I offer, there are a large number of tutorials and videos that lead to the final course. I’ve used this approach in creating many of my courses, and the learning curve is usually relatively minimal.

Most of your questions will be answered in a few hours, hopefully you understand why my course is the best option you’ve chosen. In the spirit of this challenge, I’ll let you know in the comments below if you have anything you’d like to say, or if you have any questions of your own. If there’s something you wanted to know, just ask. If not, the answer’s available below.

Best, Simon

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How do you draw an online course? – Online Portrait Drawing Classes
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