How do you draw an online course? – Free Online Art Lessons For Teens

Well, since there is only 1.0% of the class time allocated to the design of a classroom, every element is decided individually. We ask our teachers to work on a problem at hand and we ask all the participants to come up with their ideas together.

How do you build an online course?

We are constantly trying to evolve with the current trend, always finding new ideas to solve the problems. When an idea comes up in the class, we discuss it and make sure everyone in the room gets their part of the idea. We then start to implement that idea, using existing materials or from scratch. We take the process of ideas and turn them into work.

What do you bring to the table for online courses nowadays?

We are very open about our work and don’t mind to get in front of the students and explain what we are doing. We are always ready and willing to help anyone getting started in their project. We welcome and support anyone who wants to learn the basics of web development while they are busy on a social project of their choice.

Is your work available on various platforms?

We are also always looking for opportunities to present our course at conferences.

Could you recommend other organizations to support?

I would like to add some more organizations who are dedicated to the study of web development in general, including the ones mentioned previously.

We need a great partner that we could work with to make this an even better experience.

How long does it take to teach online courses?

It depends on the group of people who participate. It takes from 2 weeks to 1 month.

What are you up to next?

I’m currently working on a tutorial series for Android for the Android development using Dart, Angular2 and RxJava.

We are looking for a teacher of web dev to join us. Contact us at or tweet @codeplex.

P.S. We’re not going to do a “what would you do if you got a job as a porn actor”? No, I have no idea. This will all depend on if they allow us any sort of freedom. I suppose if they did, we could just write/edit/etc our porn into the script, but at the moment they don’t let that happen. I would love to be a porn star someday!

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How do you draw an online course? – Free Online Art Lessons For Teens
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