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We used to call that app an app for beginners because you’re creating it. It’s a very simple app if you just do the basics: drawing. But as you advance, you are working on things like animations, animations, and that’s one thing that we do every day, to make the app that is more of an art-form for the beginner. Because you have to put in a million hours to learn, a thousand hours to learn how to draw. There’s a reason that you call it an art-form because you have to develop it.

That’s why you would be doing so many iterations: how do we get to the final art-form?

We will always have that. It’s just a part of the learning process, because it’s still a learning process to learn how to draw. You have to understand the basic concepts, you have to get a few layers of reference.

We’re going to do this next: We have three classes for beginners that have different art-forms. The first is to draw a square using the pencil and paper. You can draw in pencil from any angle to see the shapes. You can also sketch an object. You start with a little rough sketch, sketch in pencil and then go on to drawing the final shapes.

The second part of an art-form is to draw a line or form. We do this by drawing a line or form in pencil at the bottom of the page, and that’s that.

The third, and the most complex stage of the application, is to animate what you draw. So if I’m doing an object that’s going to move, like, in a circle, we’re going to take that circle and then animate it. We’re going to do a rotation. As the object moves, you will see that at different times — and when that movement happens, you make that moving object to move, just move around the screen. That might happen on your phone, or it might, like, appear at my mouth, or it might appear on my head or my shoulders; it might happen at the bottom left or right corner of the screen.

That’s what our animation is going to look like.

Are animations really necessary?

Yes. Animations are something that are absolutely necessary. To us, our primary focus is to enable the user to draw and move an object in a way that is appropriate for an app, and then they will have that control of the device

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How do you draw an app for beginners? – Sparketh
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