How do online art classes work? – Online Art Lessons For Students

There are now many online courses that teach how to produce beautiful, engaging art as well as how to make digital art and digital print.

What is the price for online art classes?

Most courses start at just $200 or $300. Some require that you pay a one-time fee of $400 or more to get started. While that can seem daunting at first, there are other options that let you sign up over time and save hundreds on just one course. The most popular ones are Art of Digital Print: Beginners (free) and Art of Digital Print: Intermediate (free).

Are there any problems with paying for courses?

Yes. In fact, it doesn’t matter what type of art classes you choose: they are just as effective if you use them on the computer as they are on the paper.

You can’t rely on a teacher to know how to use an iPad. Art classes can be great for teaching a person to draw, but they also open the door for all sorts of digital manipulation — everything from creating a painting to editing a photo. Most of the art classes on this list are not only good for teaching someone how to draw, but also teach them how to use many of the other digital tools and apps they’ll use in the future.

Are the classes as cost effective as traditional classes?

Absolutely. The cost is usually included with your tuition — not with class fees — and is generally a fraction of a traditional course.

Do I need to have any experience before attending a course?

Not necessarily.

“Do you need a teacher to guide you through those exercises that make an illustration?”

Absolutely not. The exercises are designed to build your creativity, not to teach you how to draw.

“Do you learn anything from studying with others?”

No. This varies from instructor to instructor, but you won’t learn anything new even though you’re in the same room. Most instructors I know don’t even teach with a full student population.

You are not teaching yourself how to draw. You are simply learning the techniques of drawing, from the basics to more complex techniques. Some people can learn to draw in just 10 minutes a day, while others need weeks of dedicated time to focus on something.

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“Do you need to know some basic photography skills to do the work?”

Probably not. You never need to know many of those basic skills — it won’t make much of a

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How do online art classes work? – Online Art Lessons For Students
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