How do I find my art style? – Online Art Classes For Middle Schoolers

You know, looking for it, finding how to get into it, the process…

What tools do you use to draw?

How do I learn something? Just look up in my Tumblr where I post my stuff, or go out there and do it. I’m not really a master or anything, the thing is I try and figure out how to do it best and I figure out what works for me first and I think if there’s any other things I can add then we’ll look into it and that’s the whole thing.

When are you ready to start doing an actual illustration and/or designing a storybook?

What’s next for you?

You don’t have to worry about that sort of thing!

So how much of the art for your comics are you drawn from an actual photograph or image source? Or are they a mix of real objects and stuff you have in your head?

No, those are different. It’s more stuff for illustration then something where you’re just going “oh shit yeah I should do that”. But yeah it’s usually a combination of a bunch of different things that I get at.

I’m a huge comic book fan, and I get inspiration all the time from the pages where the comic characters just appear out of thin air. Just looking at that image I kind of think “I should do that! If I try that I’ll be like “what the hell?” I should just make that my career and I kind of like that idea, there’s this weird little moment in the comic where the entire universe just seems to pop up and there’s this huge mass of them in front of me.

The universe seems to disappear from the scene. Where all that is going to go I don’t know.

I think that’s always there for just those moments, there’s still stuff out there but it’s never so big as to stand out.

So I can always draw stuff out like maybe a scene where Superman’s face is in the clouds but in that space there maybe one or two people, or maybe a whole alien colony that is all alien in their own little way. It’s just that kind of thing.

We have something in comic books called “The Void”, how long did that take to create?

We basically did it all in 6 months. Yeah like two months.

Did you create any comics in between? Or did you find someone else who had the time to do

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How do I find my art style? – Online Art Classes For Middle Schoolers
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