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What do I need? Where do I find the right supplies that will get the job done?

The first thing to do is learn something. A couple of different books can help you learn, most of which include a large selection of free illustrations. If you don’t have access to all of that kind of art, ask others. I also learned a lot on my own. I learned the history of painting and how to learn new techniques using old pictures I had. And you can do your thing through learning what to draw (see below) and what to draw (see also the free tutorial on draw-a-picture-from-old-picture-cards).

What are the best books on drawing?

This is a tricky question because it depends greatly on your skill level, as well as personal taste. And of course, you should read the book you’re considering. So let’s take a look at my favorite choices:

A great place to start for many is with A Guide To Drawing by David A. Smith. I don’t usually pay for books (though a few of my old ones do pay me a little), but he has a lot of really good artworks, some of which can be very expensive to get access to. He started it as a personal resource for self-studies, and also as a way to give kids a sense of creating art from memory. The book is still updated with new and old artworks and is great for artists and kids, as they all use many of the same techniques.

This book is a mixture of the most recent art with some old paintings. It uses illustrations like the one above which are easy to find in used bookstores. This is about the best book for people who already know how to draw, but are a little more novice at learning to draw for the first time. The old paintings show you some of the more common techniques and are great for kids to practice on.

David A. Smith’s Drawing For Free is another great resource. This book was first edited and published in 2006, so it’s updated most recently.

What should I read in school before I start painting?

Some good books can be found in local libraries, so a lot of it will be more accessible there than in a big city like Chicago. Here’s a few recommendations:

Books on Painting: A Beginner’s Guide by James W. Coddington – James is a very good painter in his own right. His book

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How can I teach myself to paint? – Free Online Art Lessons Homeschool Connections Academy
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