How can I draw classes online for free? – Online Art Courses For Beginners

With classes from the K-12, adult and higher-education levels:

Click here to find a free teacher program

Click here to download the online teacher assessment.

Online classes are also available at participating schools in the following areas:

In California, online classes are available at:

Online classes available to eligible students in California are listed on California State University, Long Beach’s website (click “Schools, Programs & Services” in the right menu) . The online classes are delivered through the California State Education Agency. Students who live outside the Golden State may enroll at an accredited provider.

What’s the catch? Can’t I just ask for a free class?

Yes, you cannot simply walk into a class and ask for free classes or a discounted rate. Only California residents can apply online.

How much is a free online class?

There is no limit to how many students can enroll in a given online class. The fee covers the cost of the time the teacher spends doing the work on a class. Classes with free or discounted classes are billed to your credit card on a daily basis.

Does the California State Teacher Certification Office charge a processing fee?

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No. Each course is an individual process, and each individual course does not require an application. It is also possible to use a free registration option provided by one of the providers that is available to students enrolled in the online classes.

Can I apply for other forms?

Yes. Contact us for application information to get registered for an online class and then apply for a credential that will allow you to work with a licensed teacher. All applications are reviewed and approved by our staff.

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How can I draw classes online for free? – Online Art Courses For Beginners
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