Do you wet the brush before using acrylic paint? – Matt Fussell

How long does a brush take to dry?

This all depends on a lot of variables. You might need to wet the brush for several minutes to get the paint to dry. Or a good “dry brush” will take more than 15 to 15 minutes to dry after it is dry.

And, there’s always another layer of paint to go on…

It’s best to not dry your brush before painting; or, if necessary, start brushing your paint on the brush.

Do you ever brush paint with a brush that isn’t water-based? (I know one person whose brush used acrylics (with a water-based glue). She told me she doesn’t know why she hasn’t painted with regular water-based paints on wood, concrete, and glass for years… but she’s not complaining) Does your canvas have a lot of fine grain, or does it show up with the “hard” wood grain on many of your paintings?

If your canvas has a lot of fine grain wood grain, you probably will need to use acrylics to smooth out the grain. Otherwise, you may need to smooth your brush before using acrylics.

And, if the wood grain is very sharp (I have a painting of the famous Renaissance Madonna… she is very sharp and sharp wood grain. I had to get that rough wood grain as rough as possible with acrylics…

I think using a brush with acrylics also sharpens your hands and the brush can be painful if you can handle very sharp things. Maybe you should try acrylics instead!

When and why did you go with the acrylic over a white cloth/brush?

The question is: when did you go from using a white cloth (like the old French wood-shapes) to using acrylics? At first I used the French wood shapes to paint most of the canvases I painted. But I got tired of having to hold the brush so I switched to acrylics…. I still use French wood shapes for painting but now I use acrylics.

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to putting any acrylic paint on canvas again unless there’s a very good reason to use a brush.

You mentioned in an earlier article that your brushes have “fine grain” wood grain. I don’t know how fine the fiber is in a typical brush, but how can you tell? (It must be pretty fine!) Also, I’ve seen other people say acrylic paint will show

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Do you wet the brush before using acrylic paint? – Matt Fussell
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