Can you take art classes online? – Online Art Lessons For Homeschoolers

Yes! At MST3K, we offer a creative class every month for everyone ages 12 and up. Come on out and learn about digital techniques for drawing, painting, and sketching, and you’ll learn how to create your own artwork that you can share and sell to the world.

What kinds of projects are in the pipeline?

The MST3K team has several projects planned. Check back here soon to learn more!

What’s the deal with the “cute puppy” poster? Does that mean we can call him Mojo?

Yes! We’re doing a Kickstarter campaign today called “Meet Jughead,” the puppy we’re all really happy to show you! We’re going to give away a bunch of special digital gifts for our readers, and then sell them as part of our Kickstarter campaign! Don’t miss it!

Where can I find MST3K?

Visit for all the cool stuff your little eyes have been demanding. And don’t forget to check out our other web sites where you can find all the information MST3K fans need: for all of the great movies, TV shows, comics and more; and for all the cool new stuff we’ve been developing on the big screen!

I want to go see MST3K! Will there be a theater like this?

The first stop for you might not be the nearest one. Here are some things you’ll find with us at all of our movie theaters:

• The MST3K team will be here (and you) on Wednesday nights.

• More than one thousand seats are reserved for those showing an AMC movie—and the wait will be worth it!

• We will be showing all of our favorite shows—like “Smallville” and “The Mentalist”—on Sunday afternoons.

• We also have a full show schedule (Monday-Thursday, 10:30 p.m. ET—5:30 p.m. PT) as well as a show schedule a Saturday-Sunday, from 10:30 a.m. ET—5 p.m. PT.

We’re also pleased to present this interactive schedule of all AMC and Viacom movies airing on all the major networks.
How To Paint Southwest Canyons in Watercolors | Video Art ...

• Finally—and most importantly—you’ll find a lot

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Can you take art classes online? – Online Art Lessons For Homeschoolers
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