Can you take art classes online? – Drawing Coach

Yes or No?

Yes. If I could choose, I would take Art 101 from Udemy. The class is very interactive and gives you a lot of feedback. This class is a great fit for people who don’t have the time to schedule a full class visit to an art museum. I definitely enjoyed my time studying art and took the class.

No, but I have never been to a non-Museum Art class. Not one, so far.

Well, I can’t say I didn’t know what I was in for until I entered it.

I like art. I always liked art. Since I was younger, I’ve wanted to paint but never had the opportunity. I never really appreciated the art forms until the art museums came into my life. That’s when things started to really develop for me. I realized that art is not always about the artist and what he paints; it often revolves around the person behind the paint or the place where it was done. And I loved learning about other artists and their art. My art instructor made me feel special. After I finished, they even gifted me with a painting of the paintings of other people’s families. I was pretty ecstatic. One year after leaving the art classroom, I was finally feeling ready to paint again. I decided to take Art 101 again.

Have you ever gone into galleries and seen artwork done by other individuals?

Not really, but I’ve admired them and thought it would be fun to be able to give them a work for a family member.

Have you ever painted the same piece several times before? How many colors did you use? How many different techniques did you use?

I always start with one color and progress to the next step. I started with a black and white piece called “The Blue Carpathians.” I kept adding color as it added complexity to it. I also did a very basic mural of a child in an abandoned building.
Art Class Oil Painting Demo Daisies, Wildflowers ...

There are many different styles throughout the history of the American west, how did you discover which technique was best for the style you were working on?

For me to create well in the west, I needed to be comfortable in one color, one area, and work with minimal color. There were just too many ways to paint in different times. For me, I wanted to use some sort of palette that was relatively well represented by the artists and paintings from the west. I tried creating a variety of color palettes.

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Can you take art classes online? – Drawing Coach
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