Can you go to art school if you can’t draw? – Sparketh

The answer is no.

Not even a cursory glance at some of the best artists working today tells you that a degree is not needed to do fine art.

But there’s another important point to remember: drawing requires concentration and practice. The faster you can draw a line, the better your drawing ability is going to be.

Let a little time go by and that concentration becomes even more important. If you let the time go by and have a bad day at the office, you won’t improve and could end up making a poor drawing. If you draw something and it doesn’t look as good as you want, you might try to revise the drawing. You want your drawing to look as good as possible. That’s why, at the very least, you always want to practice drawing.

Drawing is fun.

You like drawing, but… Why do you love drawing?

“Why do I love drawing?” is a question that people ask me all the time.

Usually, I get the following answer:

I’m drawn to it.

What it means is that I want to do art. I always wanted to do art. I saw it on television commercials and thought, “I want to do that, too!”

So, why do I love drawings?

For one thing, if I don’t have something to draw, I just sit around and think. And, if I know nothing about drawing then my brain will come up with the best ideas. This is what I’ve done for years. I’m good at drawing, but I don’t know how to say anything.

How do I make it fun for you?

One thing that helps in making it fun is to give you constructive feedback.

I tell people they need to improve their drawing. I tell them they don’t want to miss out. Sometimes, it’s helpful to make them draw something they are already good at, but I tell them to try something different.

Do you want more ideas?

Ask me about anything. I may need to know about some new technique or something I haven’t heard of, or I may know something about a drawing that you want to see. Tell me if it’s a good idea or not. Then, ask me if I can help you improve on it.

Have you noticed a pattern in the things I give you advice on?

This is another one that I’m pretty good

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Can you go to art school if you can’t draw? – Sparketh
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