Can you go to art school if you can’t draw? – Princeton Online Art Lesson Plans

No, I couldn’t. It was too restrictive because people just couldn’t do it. I had nothing to draw. When some people did it, a lot of my friends weren’t doing it, too; I remember when they had made a film, they’d put all the artwork together and show it to a bunch of people. And they’d say, “Who is this guy? He looks like John Cleese.” “Yeah, he’s in the film,” people would say. “But he can’t draw, can he?”

Where did the idea for the film come from?

A colleague of mine said to me, “Oh yeah, you know, you’d be a good painter of history—it’s just your style would take the place of art history.” The idea didn’t sit right with me. I’d just been looking at the paintings of the past and there’s this strange thing about the historical paintings where they seem to be just floating in space, even out there in the middle of the universe. But I just thought, “Hey, people are probably painting what I know, what’s real about people’s lives.” I thought this was a great idea.

What inspired you to write The Last of the Wild Horses?

The idea came to me one day when I was walking through my neighborhood—he’s in a nice house—and I’m standing in the middle of the lane and there’s these houses up all around me. I’ve never seen anything this beautiful around my neighborhood before, and I was thinking to myself, “I wonder why it’s so rare.” I thought to myself, “Maybe all these houses have some history—it could be that nobody’s lived here since the beginning of time. Who has lived here in the last hundred years?” Something was happening to that thought—there was this picture in my head.

And then I read it and I was like, “That’s it!” That’s the thing, man: The last word on anything is always the last word. As a writer you just feel the first thing that pops in your head, and then it all works itself out.

Tell me about the process—how do you begin to tell your story when you do your story?

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You start at the beginning and work toward the end. We begin as a picture book with a very old picture, called “The Little Lady,” and I thought, “If we can get it this old and let her have her own voice

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Can you go to art school if you can’t draw? – Princeton Online Art Lesson Plans
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