Can you be a tattoo artist without knowing how do you draw? – Free Online Art Classes For Middle School Students

I can understand you.

If you draw every single tattoo in your body, your body would be a museum! But we’ll try to teach you some basic tricks instead.

We’re going to be showing our techniques with a tattoo we designed for our friend Jeeba. He’s an incredible gentleman and we’ll definitely show him the art. When he tells you that he doesn’t like the design, just say, “Well, you’ll never know, because I didn’t draw it.” He won’t mind. He’ll probably be a huge fan of Jeeba’s designs.

And we can’t resist showing you a few of our favorite designs on Jeeba.

Oh! There’s also one for your future self.

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Jeeba: Yes. That’s my future self?

Sandy: That’s pretty cool. It’s my favorite.

Jeeba: Thank you. Here’s another great piece.

Sandy: Thank you, Jeeba!

Jeeba: Thanks…

Sandy: …you. Well, I can tell that the new guy’s a really cool, good-looking guy.

Jeeba: Really? That’s great.

Sandy: Okay, this is also awesome.

Jeeba: Yeah. That’s one of the great tattoos we did for him. It’s great to work with you, especially you! I’m proud of that one.

You’ve been friends with Jeeba since school started. Can you tell us how your friendship developed?

Jeeba: We were really, really close, and since then the two of us have been inseparable. Sandy’s really a cool person and everything. What is it about she? She’s really easygoing and she’s very approachable. She’s really down-to-earth and fun, and she’s really easygoing. Then you have me. I’m very serious and serious and I have a lot of power… I don’t really have a lot of power at all. The two of us make really good friends. I’m also really shy.

You got into a lot of trouble as a kid. What made you break that out of your shell and get into trouble?

Jeeba: I was a pretty rebellious kid, so I had to fight, or go to counseling. I was like that my whole life. I just wanted to get

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Can you be a tattoo artist without knowing how do you draw? – Free Online Art Classes For Middle School Students
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