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Job seekers are invited to consider taking a free online course, with the University of Arizona offering an online bachelor’s course in web development . Students can take the courses for free or pay nothing.

But students who take the classes are likely to feel a little better about the quality and value of the program, which involves a three-month intensive program that includes real world work experience.

“I really thought it was going to be an online course and I’d be done by the time I finished,” says student Tyler Thompson, 21, a student at the beginning of his first semester of college and one of the few who are still considering the University’s online program. “What I found is when I went through classes, there was really not any instruction and it was all online.”

Thompson says his instructor spent as much time as he did, sometimes days, writing the course text on a laptop computer, not taking the time to help with his work.

“I was not given any form of feedback about my work,” says Thompson. “I was just expected to learn as fast as I could, and if your only job for a year is to learn web development, you’re going to be doing a pretty crappy job.”

Thompson says a recent course offered to him is a “very good” introduction to web development. He has since gone back to the class and will be attending another later on.

“I just realized that, even if I don’t use it as much, I’ll learn a little more when I finish,” says Thompson.

A few students say they took the course because it was free. Others, particularly ones from wealthy families, took because they felt it was the easiest way of becoming more employable, particularly in a recession.

“The course teaches you a lot,” says student and U of A engineering major Matt Kuzna, 23. “The real problem for so many individuals is being able to earn a living income. If you have some money in the bank, it’s going to affect your ability to get a job, especially if you’re going to be looking for a job in another industry.”

One course, for example, teaches students how to design interactive interfaces that are used in games like Angry Birds, a popular children’s game that is hugely popular, with over 50 million downloads.

“My favorite part was being able to build something on the side to make money for myself,” says Kuzna

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Can online courses get you a job? – Art Lessons For Kids
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