Can I learn painting online? – Drawing Coaching

You must be 18 years of age or older, with a valid Australian Birth Certificate or Australian Passport.

If you are under 18, we will need proof of an Australian Birth Certificate or a valid Australian Passport to enrol you in an Art course.

If you are an adult with children, we will need their proof of a passport to enroll them in an Art course. Once you enroll you can access your Art course online as an online course.

Can I enroll in an Art course using a credit card?

Yes, we have a credit card scheme that can be used to enrol in an Art course as a one time, one use or recurring payment scheme. Find out more about our credit card scheme.

You will be asked to complete an enrolment form upon your enrolment. Please note, your enrolment forms will only be used once.

Can I choose a credit card for payment?

Yes you can choose a credit card for payment for an Art course at the time of enrolment.

Where do I send my completed enrolment forms?

We will use your enrolment forms to send you the following:

Fossil, Fossil, Fossil!!

A dinosaur fossil of an unknown family was recently discovered in Africa. The find includes a skull with many rows of ribs, many vertebrae, as well as vertebrae and ribs in very small numbers.

The skull has a large mouth opening, with a long and narrow incisor. The bone above the jaw and the skull is both straight and bone. The skull is very dark with some white lines running through it.

The skull is an odd-shaped object, with a round or almost circular base and a shallow neck section near the bottom. The neck is wide and relatively short.

The jaw is quite large, with an opening much larger than other dinosaurs of similar size. The tooth rows are all quite small, and the overall skull is slightly smaller in this section than most of the other teeth and skulls in the sample.

There isn’t much variation from this specimen, which is a specimen which belonged to a species of large predator, such as one of the carnivorous dinosaurs we know from the Triassic period.

The teeth were all very thick, and the bones are very large. One can easily imagine that a large creature like this could easily have weighed hundreds of kilograms.

This find was made by Richard Owen, now of

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Can I learn painting online? – Drawing Coaching
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