Can Drawing be learned? – Free Online Art Lesson For Kids

The answer to that question means everything to me! And to my fellow students who have drawn and are interested in the subject, I hope you’ll find my lessons a fun and engaging way to learn.

But first, let me share my thoughts before you continue…

First off, you have to think about how you want to learn to draw. For me, drawing seems just like any other form of expression of creativity and that means you will want to do it differently. There will be times when you’ll be in a hurry and that’s okay. Instead of drawing over and over and over, just find a time that’s not really busy where you can focus on a particular idea and then come back to it regularly. I like the “frenzy for ideas” technique, as it can get your brain going and get you drawing in an instant by giving you some sort of inspiration when you’re in that mood.

I’m not trying to discourage you from getting really into it or pushing yourself at all. But I think a lot of it is just luck of the draw and I think everyone will find some level of success somewhere along the way. I don’t have any hard and fast rules when it comes to learning to draw, but I do encourage you to take it slow and practice whenever you can. Do a couple of draws of a particular group of people, just to test it out on yourself and see if you can draw them with just 20 seconds or more. Some drawings are a lot easier to draw than others, and some people will just need to work even harder.

Another point to keep in mind when studying drawing is that not only does it have to be done slowly but you have to be focused like a laser on the task at hand. Your focus will be on all your tiny movements and every tiny feature all over the image. I’m always very careful to make sure that I am drawing a person, not my own image. I think this means that you won’t be getting distracted by ideas or other types of distractions. It’s going to be easy to find yourself thinking about your drawing and how you can improve upon it, but you must be clear in your mind if you want to learn it.

I’d suggest trying to focus only on your idea and your task and not on yourself, your drawing, your drawing. You will have your ideas and it’s important to look to it and not take in too much. Focus and just follow whatever inspires you and see how you get

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Can Drawing be learned? – Free Online Art Lesson For Kids
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