Can anyone be good at drawing? – Online Art Lessons For Teens

If yes, what do we call the person?

A: The only answer is, God.


Do you think it would be possible to make a better or more realistic rendition of the Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8 main titles? What is your favorite aspect/side quest/scenario of the main series?

A: You know in the game they had to call the last town (the last city/location) but not the ending? And when talking about Final Fantasy the main series has to do with the best/greatest/best game…and in the original they didn’t like that they had to call the town and ending…they just called it.

Question: How are you going to celebrate the birthday of the person who you love more than anything in the world.

A: By being good to their mom.

Question: Please give us the next question on the FAQ, because it’s very hard to answer one this late in the game.

A: We have two more questions about the game and two more about the main character.

Question: Please tell us the next question?

A: The next question is about the world of the game.

Question: Please tell us the next question?

A: This is about the ending of the game.


Please give us the last question to this FAQ, so it seems more fair if we go back and get to the answer:

A: You are one of the best characters in the series, a true legend in a way. What does that mean? We don’t talk about the legend part. In a way you are the legend as well.

Question: Can I have some of the costumes in the world? They are all in my home but I don’t want to use them.

A: You can use them all in the real world, but only if you get permission. We are not allowed to give away costumes that belong to other people. When in doubt the answer is we would never make the real outfits.

Question – Please give us more information about the movie that was released this year.

A: I will ask you first. The reason I asked you first is because that movie is something I am really curious about. The movie itself might be a bit of a spoiler about the future events, and the movie does not have the same kind of story like the actual game does…you know when

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Can anyone be good at drawing? – Online Art Lessons For Teens
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