Can anyone be good at drawing? – Art Lessons For Kids

Anyone even vaguely familiar with the artist or artist’s techniques knows that the ability to draw well and to do so in a variety of media is an essential skill to possess. This is true no matter what medium and in almost any medium. The ability to create images that convey information, that express emotions, that stimulate the brain and connect the viewer with the artist is a skill that no one can learn or master. In my own work I have found that the more talented I am as an artist, the more I draw. For that reason artists tend to draw in small numbers, as to not overwhelm the viewer. In fact, it can be a disadvantage in some ways.

As an example of the power of a small number of drawings, I did an original illustration for my latest work titled ‘Mama and Papa, which is in the works. The artist has very high standards and the drawings are so detailed, detailed that they can only be done with the aid of a big computer screen. It took us several hours to draw and color the piece. The end result looks absolutely fantastic.

The artist did say that for his work he uses only digital methods. It is an incredible process, but if done correctly can reveal so much about the individual person as to be incredibly difficult for the viewer to perceive. The drawing of this image was done in ink from a computer with Adobe’s Paint 3. We used an incredible combination of brushes to paint into the illustration. It is not easy to master the details of drawing with paint because it’s not paint but brush strokes that is used. The paint brushes are small and precise and take time to master. As the artist says, the paint brush is a tool but one does not simply use the tool for an instant. The artist does his best to control the brush strokes to get the look and feel of the artist creating art.

So do you draw? If you did, which work would you most want to share with us?

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Can anyone be good at drawing? – Art Lessons For Kids
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