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We used a variety of different forms of media including photographs, animation, drawings and videos to demonstrate the potential of drawing and we hope it will be fun on your own

Where can I get more information?

We believe drawing is a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination and increase your skills for reading everyday words, numbers, and information. This is just one of many ways to improve your hand-eye coordination!

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The drawing course includes a video lesson on how to draw by hand. You do not need a video camera to complete this lesson (though you might like a video recording device, depending on how much you like drawing by hand). You can learn as you go using the web-based video and the illustrated coloring book. The coloring book provides a more detailed story in which each drawing shows you, step by step, how you learned the concept in question.

You also get access to our lessons! The lessons are in either flash cards or a PDF file. Check out those lessons, as we have videos, explanations, step-by-step drawing assignments, and even exercises to help you refine your skills.

Once you have completed the course, you will have access to the drawing site (i.e., the site that includes the illustrated coloring book and the drawings for every course), as well as the printable hand-pencil, finger, and digital drawing reference books. As the course progresses, lessons will take you more and more into interactive and hands-on drawing with animated videos and animations, and we’ll even show you a couple of drawings on our YouTube channel.

With your participation in this course, you’ll have access to the site and the colored pencils you’re provided with, plus the resources outlined in this pledge level. You’ll start with some simple basic drawings, but you can take it even deeper and learn to read more complex words. The book and hand-pencils contain detailed explanations of every drawing and exercise in the course, while videos help you practice drawing with video.

What does it cost?

The Drawing Course includes the DVD as well as the printed coloring book and video. The DVD includes two guided video lessons, one that is the same as the DVD video from the first course, and one that is updated for 2017. The book contains several coloring pages of different color palettes, and some

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Can adults learn to draw? – Art Course Kids Online
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