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The answer you are looking for is probably yes. I mean a lot of artists are very similar. Every single one of them have their own way of thinking. For example, most musicians on this planet have no idea of how to make a song, but you could guess how. It’s very clear when two bands and their musicians are playing. It’s also clear when four musicians are playing. The point is not to know how to make a song because it’s not possible to give it a very good idea. You have to know how to play. In that sense it’s an instrument. If you want to make music, you have to have the talent, the ear and the talent to make your music.

Do you always see music like that?
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Sometimes I am completely lost. Usually when I’ve seen people like me I was in a band. After a band, I would have a better knowledge of them, but not of themselves. If I am in a band, I do believe I know how to make music in particular situations. That’s what a good guitar player does. This is in itself, not a talent. When I first started in bands I would say that if I could have a better understanding of another musician, I would have my band in a whole different frame. That means that a good guitar player is someone who does not care if his band is performing a classic or a new song from the 80’s. For example, if you go onstage on stage and see a song and you play the chord structure you know so well you know it by the fourth time, which is very different to what that same song sounded like 50 years ago, or two years ago. That’s why the songs from 50 years ago must be different, but that’s not a problem, it’s a good thing.

It sounds like you’re in a good place with your band. How often do you see yourself in a band like that one?

For us to be in a band like that we had to be very open-minded. I have a friend who is in a band with three pianists who all think the same thing. These people are very open-minded but I am not in that kind of a situation. My band usually is.

Is the same with the other members?

Yes, the four members of the band. The same when I first started the band with the four musicians. They all thought exactly like me, and the way we do things and the way

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Are artists brains different? – Online Oil Painting Classes
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