Why do you want to become a life coach? – Life Coaching Business Plan Samples

I think I wanted to be a life coach. I don’t have much experience. I started playing basketball from the age of 5. By seven years old, I was shooting hoops and getting into games. When I was 12 years old, I went to a tournament in my hometown, Columbus. I had a very tough time playing as a kid, because I was a very nervous kid. I played against my brothers to start off my career, and at 14 I realized that I could start practicing and make it with the youth team. The coach’s name was Coach Miller.

I went to his high school, the Miller High School, and he trained me with the goal of getting me to the next level. He taught me how to defend and how to score. I started practicing with the youth team, and I played in the city pro games, just to work on my game a bit at that time.

Fast forward, I came back to school, and they didn’t offer a career program anymore, so for me and my family, it was the right time to make a move. I was 14 years old, and I had just left home for the first time. It was a crazy time for me. I came back here after five seasons and I had a great time. The coaching staff knew that I would be a good player. Everyone, they put up their arms and I just played. It was my time.

Who or what influenced you to play basketball?

I think it was my coach who told me why the game is so special. It’s a sport where you get to try your hand at things you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. I would never be able to try to kick a lawnmower if I weren’t playing street ball. We would just have to start the lawnmower. We got to try it and learn to play without a ball.

How did you get into coaching?

I was a good player, but I think my biggest motivation was to help other kids. My family doesn’t have a lot of money and I didn’t want my mom to have to sell some of her things in order to have food on the table. A lot of people had scholarships to college and I wanted to have a shot for myself. For that reason I started coaching, just because I wanted to do something about it.

Are there any other coaches you have a relationship with today?

Coach Miller still runs the youth team, so we talked

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Why do you want to become a life coach? – Life Coaching Business Plan Samples
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